Bunge Sustainability Spotlights – December 2022

Giving Back for World Food Day

“Our ability to use Bunge’s size and scale for good is a critical part of the role we play — not only at a global level, but also in the communities around the world where we operate to deliver food solutions. The dedication from our employees has been inspiring to see. We are so proud of our teams and their commitment to supporting the communities where they live and work,” said Rob Coviello, Chief Sustainability Officer and Government Affairs at Bunge.

In recognition of this year’s World Food Day, Bunge teams around the globe coordinated local volunteer efforts to address food insecurity in the communities where we live and work. Over 600 Bunge volunteers in more than 15 countries and 40 cities joined forces over the course of the month to lead food drives, volunteer at food banks and support local groups focused on addressing hunger and food access.

Bunge also made a corporate donation of $500,000 to Vostok-SOS, a Ukrainian based organization providing aid to people displaced in the region. This philanthropic donation builds on Bunge’s earlier contributions of food products as well as monetary support totaling one million dollars to the World Food Programme (WFP) and Vostok-SOS.

Thank you to all the Bunge Food Heroes who participated and reinforced our commitment to fueling and feeding the world. Watch the video below to see our global World Food Day impact.

Progressing on our Science Based Targets

Our emissions performance will be updated in Bunge’s 2023 Global Sustainability Report.

We’re working with farmers to support regenerative agriculture programs and source more sustainable products, investing in greener plant operations, purchasing zero and low-carbon electricity, and pioneering exciting new low carbon solutions for our customers.

Acting on climate through a science-based and collaborative lens is the best way for Bunge and our partners to achieve our shared goals for a more sustainable food system. Thank you to our teams on the ground and our value chain partners. We look forward to continued partnership in the years ahead.

Continuing Our Work with Women of Shea

The Where Life Grows program was set up by Bunge Loders Croklaan with the objective to empower shea collecting women, create socio-economic value in their communities and conserve and regenerate the shea landscape in the region.

One of the key sourcing areas for our team is centered around the Nasia community, in the northern part of Ghana. During 2021 and 2022 we are video-documenting the daily activities of these women during shea harvesting season. We follow them during their days of shea collectingshea processingtraining and farming.

Watch here for insights on how our program positively impacts their livelihoods.

Supporting the Future of Organic and Regenerative Farming

As the organic and regenerative market is growing rapidly, we are continuously striving to scale up our fully traceable organic supply chains to make organic plant-based lipids more widely available. One of the most pressing challenges in the transition to organic food is the lack of reliable organic raw material supply. Bunge Loders Croklaan is on a journey to cha


nge that. From farmers to consumers, we are committed to optimizing organic lipids supply chains by creating an ecosystem in which stakeholders work closely together with the common goal of supporting organic supply and form partnerships that bridge that gap and help make organic food available to as many consumers as possible.

Our portrait series is our way of highlighting our efforts and partnerships that are instrumental to making organic food available for everyone. Check out our story on Jan Verbruggen, the founder of Biolintec, to understand the efforts local stakeholders are putting into raising awareness of organic farming and ensuring a growing supply of organic ingredients.

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