Partner with us and you could receive up to $35 per acre for 2024 harvested
soybeans by implementing new practices.

Premiums for
Qualifying Soybeans:

Earn more with premiums
on soybeans grown under regenerative practices.

Access to Agronomic
Tools and Insights:

Utilize Nutrien’s Agrible platform to track, analyze, and report on your farming practices, ensuring you meet the highest standards of sustainability.

Expert Guidance
and Support:

With Bunge and Nutrien’s combined expertise, receive personalized support to optimize your agricultural practices.

Be part of the whole-acre solution to food – feed and fuel customers and end-consumers

With Bunge’s Regenerative Agriculture Program, you can be at the forefront of this transformative change, driven by the growing demand from customers and consumers for more sustainable and less carbon-intensive food systems.

By integrating practices such as reduced tillage and cover cropping, you can significantly enhance your soil’s health and its ability to capture carbon—turning your farm into a beacon of sustainability and efficiency.

This program supports whole-acre solutions, catering to the needs of food, feed, and fuel customers and end-consumers alike, ensuring a more resilient and environmentally friendly agricultural future.

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