Bunge Makes Grain Marketing Easy for Ag Industry Professionals

  • We make it easy to make sense of the markets
  • We make it easy to choose the right product
  • We make solutions easily repeatable so you can achieve consistent outcomes through smart grain marketing

Grain Marketing & Risk Solutions

Bunge Grain Marketing

Bunge helps ease the stress for producers selling grain with a new way forward: Clear guidance and efficient technology to remove emotion and build confidence in the decision-making process.

Discover Local
Cash Bids

Find local cash bids, check current prices, and view futures commodity prices.

View Facility

Locate facilities to sell your grain and get directions, receiving hours, and key details.

Explore our Direct Ship

Lean on us to help you save valuable time with our Direct Ship Program.

Grain Marketing Technology

Ag industry professionals can access the latest critical market information online or on mobile to anticipate market developments that influence timing and execution of sales and hedging.


BungeServices.com empowers producers with insight to inform grain marketing decisions, from checking current bids, futures quotes, and headlines, to market commentary and facility announcements.

Bunge Mobile

Easily manage your grain marketing with the Bunge Mobile app, the full-service app for BungeServices. See your balances, create grain contracts from true market bids, and market grain online 24/7.

Financial Risk Management (FRM)

Our programs and alternative contracts are designed to help protect producers from unexpected market volatility.

Bunge FRM

Let us help you manage your risk, diversify your portfolio and pinpoint new market opportunities.


Bunge advocates for local and global systemic connections and provides resources and insight to sustain and protect the agricultural ecosystems that producers rely on.

Centerfield Grower Program

Integrate your field information into the Centerfield Grower App and contribute your farming information to help identify critical agricultural trends.


Bunge is committed to ensuring sustainability across all value chains. We are committed to doing our part and using our scale and connectivity to help lead the industry forward.

Built on Two Centuries of Farmer Support

We are passionate, bold and driven. Together, we lead the way to deliver results for our customers, each other and the world. We are Bunge.

  • Act as One Team – By fostering inclusion, collaboration and respect
  • Drive for Excellence – By being agile, innovative and efficient
  • Do What’s Right – By acting safely, ethically and sustainably

How can Bunge be a partner in your grain marketing success?