Bunge invites you to earn a premium for your qualifying corn grown with eligible practices


$0.20 per bushel premium over basis after delivery of your eligible corn to participating Bunge facilities


Deliver your corn to one of the Bunge facilities: (Atchison, KS; Crete, NE; Danville, IL; Red Oak, IA; Worthington, IN) between November 2023 and September 2024 and you grow corn in the 2023 crop season with at least THREE (3) Practices (see Practices section)


Each field you enroll in this program must have been under agricultural production for at least five years prior to planting in the 2023 program corn crop and must NOT be enolled in another carbon monetization program for the 2023 crop season


To qualify, you must have implemented at least THREE (3) of the following practices: Nitrogen Management, Enhanced Efficiency Fertilizer, Continuous No Till (since 2021) AND Crop Rotation with Soybeans/Legume, and Cover Crops

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