Versatile Program Options

  • Premium above canola price
  • Select delivery periods as desired
  • Full Production- delivery of production exceeding 35 bu/ac (1,750 lbs/ac) will be at buyer’s call with Nexera™ premium

On-Farm Pickup

  • FREE on-farm pickup (within 225 miles of Altona) or freight assistance if self-hauled
  • Guaranteed delivery periods

Act of God

  • Act of God on first 20bu/ac (1,000 lbs/ac) priced
  • Allows risk free forward pricing opportunities
  • Act of God price out deadline is August 31, 2022

Full Production

  • Sign up before December 17, 2021 and receive an additional $0.15/bu ($0.30/cwt)

Yes, I want Nexera™ Canola Production Program Details:

* Seed is limited to several new varieties
Contact us today for availability and to reserve your seed! *

Delivery Month Futures Month Nexera™ Premium above
Canola Price (USD)
September – November 2022 November 2022 $0.75/bu ($1.50/cwt)
December 2022 – January 2023 January 2023 $0.85/bu ($1.70/cwt)
February – March 2023 March 2023 $1.00/bu ($2.00/cwt)
June – July 2023 July 2023 $1.25/bu ($2.50/cwt)
August 2023 July 2023 $1.47/bu ($2.94/cwt)