Alliance Advantage, an alternative to traditional grain marketing strategies, allows you to commit up to 25% of your crop to the program. That part of your crop will be priced based on trading by Bunge seasoned traders using Bunge’s highly sophisticated risk management tools.

If you’re looking to hedge your investment and diversify your risk in today’s challenging market, it’s time to consider Bunge’s Alliance Advantage Program. Whether you’re looking to grow corn, soybeans, or wheat, this alternative marketing program can add value to your crop.

So, take advantage of our 200+ years of grain marketing experience by letting us manage part of your risk.

Alliance Advantage Winter 2024 Program Details

Winter 2024 Sign-Up

Enrollment Ends January 15, 2024. Trading begins January 15, 2024.


All fees are $0.09/bushel

Early price feature at no additional price cost

1 Year Corn

End of Pricing Period Underlying Futures
9/18/2024 Dec 24
12/18/2024 Mar 25
2/19/2025 Mar 25

1 Year soyBeans

End of Pricing Period Underlying Futures
9/18/2024 Nov 24
12/18/2024 Jan 25
2/19/2025 Mar 25

1 Year WHEAT

End of Pricing Period Underlying Futures
5/22/2024 Jul 24

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