Benefiting Agriculture, Energy and the Environment

Winter canola is uniquely positioned to be included into current cropping systems, improving farm income potential while creating an opportunity to reduce fossil fuels and carbon emissions.

Supporting a Lower-Carbon Energy Future

As the world prioritizes reducing carbon emissions and transitions to lower carbon energy sources, the demand for renewable biofuels derived from agricultural crops is steadily increasing. Bunge, Chevron and Corteva AgriscienceTM are joining forces to unlock innovation across the value chain by introducing proprietary winter canola and building the infrastructure to create a new revenue opportunity for growers with a sustainable rotational cash crop.

Winter Canola – A Growing Opportunity

There are a number of benefits that make growing winter canola hybrids a wise choice, from its high yield potential to enhanced reliability across farming environments to better manage financial risks. It can be used as a feedstock to produce renewable diesel, biodiesel, sustainable aviation fuel and replacements for petroleum-based chemicals. Because of unique genetics and recommended agronomic practices, this crop has the potential to achieve lower carbon intensity levels while bringing opportunities to adopt sustainable practices.

What’s in it for Growers?

5 key potential advantages for growers
participating in the program:

  • Increase total farm profitability
  • Participate in growing renewables feedstock market
  • Improve soil through plant diversity and water filtration
  • Maximize productivity through multi-year crop rotation
  • Access to federal crop insurance for qualified participants

How to join the program


Contact your local Bunge representative to sign-up a specific number of acres. Pioneer provides agronomic guidance and stewardship support through local area experts.


Contract acres of production at a fixed price based on the July 2025 Canola Futures, +/- local area basis. ‘Act of God’ clause included and additional pricing alternatives are available.


Deliver any and all crop production to a nearby river loading facility and get paid by Bunge Chevron Ag Renewables. Grain delivered subject to quality grading standards.

We appreciate your support and partnership in developing this long-term program focused on more sustainable solutions for consumers around the world and for helping drive change at scale.

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